Glamour Retouching with Digital Makeup

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you work in marketing, advertising, modeling or any field of digital media, you need your imagery to stand out and separate you from the competition. Anand Design offers superior quality image editing services to give your photos that professional touch you need. We offer glamour retouching of modeling shots that include retouching glamour shots for flawless, smooth, porcelain like and glowing skin. Our glamor retouching experts can apply digital makeup, smoothing away flaws and adding a glow to your models’ skin. digital makeup can enhance features by adding ultra long eyelashes, changing eye color and many other effects. Glamour retouching and digital makeup offers endless possibilities to enhance your photos with fuller lips, a softer nose and adding jewelry at an affordable cost and with the convenience of simply emailing us your images and instructions.