Enhance & Retouch an Image

Anand Design professional Image Enhancement services can transform your digital images to make ordinary shots look brilliant. From adjusting saturation, color balance, contrast, brightness and density of images to applying filters, removing or inserting backgrounds, cropping and removing blemishes, noise, and grains in images, we offer professional and expert services in quick turnarounds and at highly competitive rates.

You can send your digital photos and images to us by email or via FTP. The image editors at Anand Design use advanced image enhancement software and plug-ins to give a professional touch to your images and turn dull, flat images into vibrant, sleek ones.

Image Enhancement Services

Our Image Enhancement services cater to professional photo editing agencies, digital photographers, photo studios, online art galleries, e-book editors and publishers, webmasters and web designers, real estate agents, catalog publishers, and online stores.

At Anand Design, we offer comprehensive digital photo enhancement services, including:

Density Correction

Digital photos and images suffer from a lot of variations in color density and contrast because of non-standardized digital printers. Skin tones, vegetation, or the color of the sky - all look different from the original setting and from one printer to another. O2I's team uses Adobe Photoshop software as well as proprietary techniques towards density correction in digital images. We make sure that the final output is uniform in density and contrast irrespective of the digital printer in use.

Color Correction of Digital Images

Our color correction services restore, balance and correct color, brightness, and contrast of digital images. The color gradients of digital images are analyzed and the optimum tone curve for each color determined for effective color correction.

Color Cast Correction

Multicolored, tungsten, or fluorescent lighting, as well as, fading light can create unwanted color casts in digital images. O2I's expert team helps you in correction and removal of color casts that have been caused by such effects. We also restore black and white digital images to pleasing contrast and density.

Image Cropping

If your image is too large for the purpose you have in mind, image cropping is a good way to tighten the image and make it small without changing its scale or making it disproportionate. Sometimes images have black or white borders around them and superfluous elements near the edges which take away from the impact of the main image. O2I removes these by cropping your image optimally to get the best out of the shot. We also correct framing mistakes, rectify unbalanced images and edit out distracting elements in the far corners by image cropping.

Removing Blemishes

Small blemishes, spots, sunburn, and freckles have a way of looking more prominent in high-resolution digital images. Our digital "make-up" techniques can remove obvious marks, blemishes, cuts from shaving, dark areas under the eyes, and all temporary marks on a person's face. O2I's expert team retouches such images and removes temporarily unflattering blemishes to make the portrait look cleaner, clearer, and more attractive.

Background Insertion/Removal

We remove backgrounds from images which have unwanted elements or "noise" in the background. In such cases, the principal focus of the image is lost due to the distracting background elements. Background removal and replacement with stark black or white backgrounds enhances the dramatic effect of the image. Where necessary, we can also add elements into the background based on your requirements.